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Your Choice Voucher

how do vouchers work?

With the Fujimatsuri Vouchers you get to pick where you eat.   The vouchers can be used at your choice of 3 local Restaurants (Azuma, LadyBug, or Gardena Bowl)

Value of the vouchers are $10  each and can be ordered online and picked up in person on May 7th (11-4?).

Add'l Notes:

Multiple vouchers can be used at the same time.

Voucher has no cash value so no change or cash back will be given.

Voucher cannot be used towards gratuity (tip).

Voucher will expire on May 31st and cannot be used after that.

Voucher must be presented at time of purchase.

how to order?

To place an order for Food Vouchers by Credit Card, complete the contact section and enter the quantity of vouchers you'd like to purchase.

Please total the total cost (qty X $10.00) plus any additional donation.  

If you'd prefer to pay by Check, Click Here.   

how to pick up?

Contact Information

Select Quantity of Vouchers

Cost $10.00 each


Enter Total for Vouchers

( Qty x $10.00 )

Additional Donations are welcomed 

Voucher Purchase Form


Thanks for for supporting the Fujimatsuri event at the Gardena Buddhist Church.

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