October 9, 2021
9:00 am to 12:00 pm
(virtual conference)




話し合おう: これからの

御同朋 御同行

Origin of our shared path

Jodo Shinshu Temples also served as a “refuge” to the immigrant families providing not only religious education but also helping these families find comfort in a more familiar setting in a strange new land.


Are our temples still able to provide religious education and comfort to ALL of our families now?

Times have Changed

The way we define community - both physical and virtual - have shifted.  


What does this mean for our Sanghas going forward?


The COVID pandemic and resultant temple closures have given us the perfect opportunity to affect change ... a glass half full perspective

Let's Talk about Ondobo, Ondogyo Going Forward

How should we approach sharing the Dharma in this changing environment? 


What does a Jodo Shinshu Temple represent today?


What do we - as Jodo Shinshu Followers - want or need from our temple ?

How do we ensure Sangha growth and Dharma propagation?


We have all experienced the ups and downs of life, and through this have, especially because of the light of the Nenbutsu, discovered each other as fellow human beings (ondobo). Because of this we also have the common goal of wanting to help our temple's thrive in the sharing of the Nenbutsu with others (ondogyo). We are hoping to engage in discussions as to how we might be able to better share our teachings to this generation and the next.

Let's Talk with

Rev Kodo Umezu


Brief Biography

Rev. Kodo Umezu was born in Fukuoka, Japan. He graduated from Ryukoku University in 1973 majoring in Buddhist Studies. He came to the US in the same year and was assigned to the Fresno Betsuin. He took a leave of absence from the BCA and went to the IBS in 1976 and received his MA.


He served in the US Navy for 4 years in order to immerse himself in the US culture and language. After being discharged, he was assigned to the Los Angeles Hompa  Hongwanji Buddhist Temple for seven years and the later to the Buddhist Church of Oakland. In 1996, he was assigned as the Executive Assistant to the Bishop under Bishop Watanabe and Bishop Ogui for 9 years.

In 2005, he became the first director of the BCA Center for Buddhist Education in Berkeley. In 2012, he was selected as Bishop of the BCA and served for two terms till he retired in March 2020.


He is currently serving as the President of the Jodo Shinshu International Office.  He is married to Janet Teraoka and has three children, Amy, Norio, and Michelle and one granddaughter, Mari.

Umezu 4.JPG


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