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Gardena Adult Buddhist Association



Perhaps most widely known for the popular Dango at Obon, ABA  is primarily a service and social organization providing the adult community of Gardena Buddhist Church an avenue to support youth groups, the sangha & temple and the greater community.


Originally established in 1956, ABA will be celebrating their 67th anniversary in 2023.  The organization of today represents the merger of Gardena ABA and the Young Adult Buddhist Association.

ABA is a great conduit to learn and participate in many areas across the Temple, as members are active and take leadership roles in many other organizations, such as Dharma School, Wisteria Chugakko, Scouts, Japanese Language School & Pre School, Tuesday Social, yearly fundraising events, as well as the Church Board.

Come join ABA, bring fresh ideas to improve the temple experience, and share the dharma  with the sangha and the community 


To sign up for membership simply complete this online Membership Form.  For any questions, drop an email message to

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