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You can contribute to Gardena Buddhist Church simply by shopping at businesses that support community programs.

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Tokyo Central will make a donation to the Gardena Buddhist Church Japanese Language School based upon your total receipt dollars

Simply place your receipts in an envelope and drop them in the ABA mailbox in the church office


Ralphs/Food4Less Community Partner Instructions

The Church’s Community Partners are Ralphs and Food4Less (Kroger). To help the church youth (scouts and taiko), please sign up at to connect your Ralphs card shopping number (our Organization Number # is FQ989) and to connect your  Food 4 Less card shopping number (our Organization Number # is NY249).


By signing up, a % of your purchases (every little bit goes a long way) comes back to support youth programs at the Gardena Buddhist Church.

Sign up is fast and easy ... 

Simply click on the links below to link Gardena Buddhist Church to your Krogers card. 

For Ralphs: - use Organization Number # FQ989


For Food4 Less: - use Organization Number # NY249


no matter how little you shop at Ralphs or Food4Less. Together, all your purchases really do make a difference!!

What if you need help....

If you do not know your Ralphs card number, please call Ralphs (Kroger) at 1-800-443-4438, select Community Contribution Dept and ask customer service to connect your Ralphs card to the Gardena Buddhist Church.

You will know you are connected if you see Gardena Buddhist Church at the bottom of your receipt.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call Patti Nishimura at 310/613-0729. Thank you again!!!

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