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Our Students in the Community

Take a look at some of the accomplishments our Wisteria Students have done!

Spit and Polish

Spit and Polish Held at JA Veterans Memorial Court in Little Tokyo


We are proud of Tyler Tanaka and Rebecca Smith, both Wisteria Chugakko's alumni, who participated in the cleaning and polishing of the Japanese American War Veteran Memorial.  They are scouts in the Gardena Buddhist Church Troop 242 and Troop 4345, respectively.   Anne Asai, also a member of GBC's Troop of 4345, is also one of our Wisteria Chugakko alumni who also served as one of our leadership students in WLP, Wisteria Leadership Program.  We continue to be proud of our Wisteria Chugakko alumni, and how they are serving their community.

Manzanar Commitee Award

2022 Manzanar Committee Student Award Winner

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